Will Zach Johnson Select The Struggling Justin Thomas For the US Ryder Cup Team?

August 16, 2023

As the anticipation mounts for the upcoming Ryder Cup team selection, the spotlight turns to one question: Should Justin Thomas secure a spot on the team? While there's a strong likelihood he will, let's delve into the intriguing debate surrounding his selection, backed by statistics and current form.

Form, a pivotal factor in any selection process, emerges as a primary consideration for many critics. Justin Thomas's recent performances have raised concerns, placing a shadow over his potential inclusion. Analyzing his performance on form alone, a resounding case can be made against his participation in the Ryder Cup.

Interestingly, the rankings tell a revealing tale. Occupying the 16th spot in the rankings, Thomas finds himself not at the pinnacle but rather among the middle ranks. This fact carries weight when contrasting him with players like Tiger Woods, who is considerably lower in the rankings due to limited participation. Thomas's 14th place ranking, while respectable, doesn't automatically guarantee him a spot on the Ryder Cup team.

Enter Lucas Glover, colloquially known as "The Glove." Glover's recent exploits on the golf course add an intriguing twist to the selection narrative. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, he has embarked on a remarkable run, capturing attention with four consecutive top-10 finishes. This impressive streak puts him in the limelight and renders him a strong contender for a Ryder Cup spot.

A decisive factor lies in the form and consistency Glover has displayed across a range of tournaments. While some might attribute his success to easier contests, it's essential to acknowledge his performance against formidable competitors. Notably, Glover's playoff victory against Patrick Cantlay is a testament to his prowess, especially under pressure.

This tournament, happening at the pivotal juncture where Ryder Cup selections are being finalized, carries immense significance for several players. Individuals like Sam Burns, teetering on the bubble, have a golden opportunity to cement their place. Lucas Glover's situation stands out—his impressive run of success at critical moments of the selection process positions him as a formidable contender.

Of course, politics inevitably play a role in such selections. The dynamics of team chemistry, past records, and familiarity with the format are all critical components that come into play. It's worth noting that while Glover may lack Ryder Cup experience, he has participated in the President's Cup, granting him valuable exposure to team formats and pressure situations.

To conclude, the dilemma of whether Justin Thomas should be part of the Ryder Cup team hinges on a delicate balance between form, rankings, and team dynamics. Lucas Glover's rapid rise adds an unexpected dimension, showcasing the fierce competition for coveted spots. As the decision-making process unfolds, one can only wait and watch to see whose fortunes ultimately sway the selections.