Who Is More Hated By Toronto Raptors Fans: Nick Nurse or Fred VanVleet?

August 18, 2023

The Toronto Raptors are gearing up to kick off their schedule at home on October 25th, facing off against the Minnesota Timberwolves. While anticipation runs high for the start of the season, there's a curious question on the minds of Raptors fans: Who draws more mixed reactions—Nick Nurse or Fred VanVleet—as they make their return to face their former team?

When it comes to fan emotions, opinions diverge. Some argue that the Raptors faithful should treat their returning idols, Nick Nurse and Fred VanVleet, with respect and avoid expressing their dissatisfaction. After all, the Raptors fans' standpoint may not warrant booing given their allegiance to the team.

However, the narrative isn't entirely one-sided. Some contend that booing could be justified, albeit with caveats. The assertion is that while it's understandable to be disgruntled over players leaving, it's crucial to examine the context surrounding their departure. For instance, when Russell Wilson departed, there was a business dimension that came into play. Such departures can often be a result of unmatchable contract offers from other teams.

In the case of Fred VanVleet, opinions are nuanced. While no Raptor fan could reasonably fault him for accepting a substantial deal elsewhere, the connection between him and the fan base had reportedly soured over time. This strain became apparent when VanVleet was frequently singled out for criticism during team shortcomings. Even during the celebratory moments of the Raptors' championship victory, VanVleet seemed to acknowledge the divide, addressing the crowd and highlighting his role in securing the title.

Nick Nurse's return, too, raises questions about the fan-coach relationship. With the Raptors' journey, some fans found aspects of Nurse's coaching decisions unsatisfactory, fueling a sense of disconnect. As the anticipation builds for his return, the reception he receives is under scrutiny, given the undercurrent of tension that had developed.

Ultimately, the reaction of fans hinges on a mix of loyalty, emotions, and the dynamics between players, coaches, and the team's performance. The return of former team members can reignite passions, leading to both cheers and jeers from the crowd. Regardless of the sentiment, it's a phenomenon inherent to sports fandom—players and coaches come and go, and emotions run high.

As the Toronto Raptors prepare to engage in these matchups, it remains to be seen whether the home crowd will express their feelings through vocal displays. The sentiment toward Nick Nurse and Fred VanVleet offers a glimpse into the complex relationship between athletes, coaches, and their supporters, demonstrating the unique blend of pride, nostalgia, and the desire for success that defines the sports landscape.