What do the Orioles need?

July 28, 2023
July 28, 2023

The Baltimore Orioles have been a compelling force in every single game, showcasing their determination and skills on the field. As the trade deadline approaches, their fans are eagerly anticipating potential moves to strengthen the team further. One area of focus is starting pitching, which, despite performing decently, still requires a legitimate arm to solidify their chances in the playoffs.

The Orioles' current roster features some promising pitchers like Kramer, yet they acknowledge the need for an elite-level player to bolster their rotation. Names like Strowman have been thrown around, and acquiring a talent of Roger Clemens' calibre in his prime would be ideal. Though such a talent may not exist right now, the Orioles remain optimistic about finding the perfect fit to enhance their pitching prowess.

Baltimore's farm system boasts several promising prospects, a valuable currency in trade negotiations. While not every prospect pans out, the Orioles recognize the importance of making strategic moves to improve their chances. Exploring potential deals with teams like the Padres, who have the talented Blake Snell on their roster, could be an avenue for the Orioles to secure the pitching talent they crave.

As the Orioles contemplate their trade options, they also keep a watchful eye on other teams' standings and intentions. While teams like Cincinnati, Arizona, and Miami are making strides, it appears unlikely that they will relinquish their grip on their star pitchers. This knowledge influences the Orioles' decisions, and they must act swiftly to secure their preferred targets.

Baltimore's ambitions stretch beyond the regular season, and they are eager to make a strong playoff run. Recognizing the significance of quality pitching in postseason success, the Orioles aim to address their pitching needs promptly. The addition of a reliable arm like Snell's could be the key to unlocking their full potential during the crucial playoff games.

The Orioles' pursuit of pitching power is driven by their unwavering determination to succeed. As they enter the trade deadline period, they remain focused on securing the missing piece of their rotation puzzle. Armed with a promising group of prospects, they are ready to explore potential deals that could bring them one step closer to their ultimate goal - making a lasting impact in the playoffs. Orioles fans eagerly await the outcome of these trade negotiations, hoping for a successful acquisition that will elevate their team's chances to shine on the grandest stage of all.