Should the Toronto Blue Jays Keep John Schneider, or is a New Clubhouse Voice Needed?

October 13, 2023

In the world of baseball, a recent decision has sparked a considerable amount of debate and discussion. The Toronto Blue Jays lifted one of their best pitchers, Jose Berrios after just 3 innings and 47 pitches, seemingly sticking to a game plan that was made before the game. Should they have stuck to the plan, or should they have let Berrios keep dealing? And who's decision was it to take Berrios out of the game?

One aspect that has left some scratching their heads is the way the organization handled the situation. The decision was made, it happened, but where did it come from? One can't help but think, could the management have handled it differently? They had an opportunity to clarify that this decision did not solely determine their wild card outcome. Instead, it turned into a blame game, with Ross Atkins seemingly shifting responsibility onto John Schneider.

For John Schneider, the team's performance is a critical concern. This is his job, and he doesn't want to jeopardize his future in baseball by burning bridges and disobeying management. When the organization's leadership fails to publicly support him, it leaves Schneider in a precarious position. He's left wondering if he still has the trust of the players and whether the team's management truly has his back.

The players' perspective is pivotal in this situation. As we evaluate the matter from their point of view, two distinct viewpoints emerge regarding John Schneider. On one hand, he's been with these players since their time in AA and AAA, and they respect his coaching style. On the other hand, there's the possibility that they've grown weary of his coaching after all these years. Maybe they need a fresh voice in the locker room, someone who can remind them that, regardless of their history together, they're now adults on a baseball team with specific responsibilities.

The controversy surrounding the Toronto Blue Jays' recent decision may not be as groundbreaking as initially thought. It's a decision that mirrors what other playoff teams have done, and the real issue lies in how it was handled internally. But if the team doesn't score any runs, then this decision doesn't matter. John Schneider will be the team's manager next season, but his long-term position is up for debate, as players and management assess their future together. Time will tell how this situation unfolds and whether it will have a lasting impact on the team's dynamics.