Should Brad Treliving Sign Auston Matthews for $15 Million or William Nylander for $8 Million?

June 30, 2023

Welcome back to the Home Stand Show! It's time to play "Ultimatum Role Play." In this game, you'll be faced with a challenging choice and you must pick one option. Today's ultimatum focuses on your browser history and text history. Which would you rather have leaked? Let's dive in and explore the options.

Leaking browser history seems to be the preferred choice among the participants. They believe that the things said in text messages can be more offensive when taken out of context, whereas the browser history may just reveal a collection of sports sites. One participant mentions the option of using incognito mode to keep their browsing private. Ultimately, they all agree that their text logs contain more sensitive and potentially embarrassing content.

The conversation then takes a turn towards discussing specific items in their browser history. From sports articles and Home Run Derby to Twitter and YouTube golf tournaments, the participants share their browsing preferences. They even jokingly mention the possibility of finding rare clips of Skip Bayless from 1982.

Next, the focus shifts to Erik Karlsson, a well-known hockey player. The participants discuss which team he should join—either the Kraken or the Carolina Hurricanes. The consensus leans towards the Hurricanes, as they believe it offers a better chance of winning the Stanley Cup and provides a more relaxed environment compared to a hockey-crazed market like Toronto.

The conversation continues with speculations about Erik Karlsson's potential return to Ottawa and his fit with the Toronto Maple Leafs. The participants debate whether he would prefer playing for a team that offers him the opportunity to lift them to a Stanley Cup victory or if he prioritizes being the center of attention.

Moving on to the NBA, the participants are faced with a choice between signing Kyrie Irving or Fred VanVleet. While acknowledging Irving's off-court issues, they recognize his exceptional skills and the excitement he brings to the game. Ultimately, they believe Irving's talent outweighs the concerns, making him the preferred choice over VanVleet, who is considered a good player but not on the same level.

In a hypothetical scenario as the Anaheim Angels, the participants are asked whether they should trade  Shohei Ohtani before the deadline or keep him for a potential playoff run. They unanimously agree that keeping him is the better option. They feel that the team has wasted too many years of Mike Trout's career and that this could be an opportunity to finally achieve success. Although there is a risk of losing Otani in free agency, they believe the team should go all-in and give the loyal fanbase a chance at winning.

The discussion wraps up, teasing the upcoming NBA free agency and predictions to be made by Noor Zainab. Stay tuned for more exciting sports talk on the Home Stand Show!