Paul Pogba is NOT a wasted talent!

September 12, 2023

Paul Pogba, now 30 years old, is a name that resonates in the world of football. His career has been a rollercoaster ride, filled with moments of brilliance and setbacks that have left fans pondering what could have been. Pogba's journey is one that reflects the delicate balance between talent and adversity in the world of sports.

In 2018, Paul Pogba achieved the pinnacle of success, lifting the FIFA World Cup with the French national team. However, he wasn't just a member of the squad; he was the standout player. Pogba's performance in the 2018 World Cup showcased his immense talent and potential.

Throughout his career, he has claimed an impressive four Serie A titles, showcasing his prowess on the domestic front. Pogba's achievements on the pitch have undoubtedly earned him accolades and admiration from fans worldwide.

Pogba's journey took an unexpected turn when he returned to Manchester United. While he had some remarkable moments during his initial stint with the club, his second coming was marred by challenges and disappointments.

Injuries plagued Pogba throughout his career, preventing him from consistently delivering the level of performance fans expected. These constant setbacks have left us wondering about the untapped potential that may have existed had he been injury-free.

It's impossible not to ponder what Paul Pogba might have achieved without the persistent injuries. Some speculate that he could have doubled his trophy count, which is already impressive. When at his best, Pogba was a force to be reckoned with, leaving a lasting impact on the footballing world.

Injuries have been a recurring theme in Pogba's career, often preventing him from showcasing his true capabilities. Whether it was his time at Juventus or his tenure at Manchester United, injuries seemed to follow him relentlessly.

While injuries are part and parcel of the sport, Pogba's constant struggles with fitness have undeniably hindered his career progression. It raises questions about whether these injuries were merely bad luck or if there were underlying factors at play.

It's essential to acknowledge that injuries are not always a player's fault. They can result from various factors, including a lack of professionalism, bad fortune, or perhaps even a reluctance to play through the pain. Speculation aside, it's challenging to pinpoint the exact reasons behind Pogba's injury woes.

Despite his undeniable talent, there's a lingering doubt in the footballing world due to Pogba's injuries. When he was at his peak and injury-free, he was a force of nature. His last season at Juventus before returning to Manchester United was a testament to his unrivalled skills, and it coincided with France's World Cup victory.

Paul Pogba's career has been marked by a unique blend of triumphs and tribulations. He's achieved remarkable success on the international and domestic stages, but injuries have left us wondering about the heights he could have reached. The ambiguity surrounding the causes of his injuries adds an extra layer of complexity to his journey.

In the end, only time will reveal the true story of Paul Pogba's career. Until then, fans will continue to admire his talent while pondering what might have been in the absence of those persistent setbacks.