Pascal Siakam vs Masai Ujiri - What's Going On!?

January 17, 2024
Noor Zainab
January 17, 2024

What’s happening with Pascal Siakam?

If it feels like we had this conversation already, then you’ve got a good memory because we did, at this same time last year. 

Pascal Siakam’s 2024 extension has been looming around for a year now and the Raptors have had plenty of time to figure out what they want to do with his talent & contract.

They chose to handle it quietly, even from Siakam. Ending extension talks in the summer, and letting him be in the middle of the NBA rumour mill with no direction for his future. He knew what he wanted: Toronto. There are reports that his agent has told other teams around the NBA, such as the Hawks, that if traded, he won’t be resigning when his contract is up this summer.

Which brings the stock of his trade value down low, because who wants to give up their current players along with their future, for a star who may only stay the length of a free Apple Music subscription. Could they bank on selling him a dream in those 3 months? Maybe, but very few would deem it worthy. 

The current rumour stems from the Indiana Pacers trying to centre a trade around three first-round picks & salary fillers. The question here is, would Masai Ujiri value picks or players? At last year’s trade deadline, teams were offering multiple first round picks for OG Anunoby and Masai Ujiri chose to stand pat. Less than a year later, OG Anunoby got traded for RJ Barrett & Immanuel Quickley, two rising NBA talents where a future could be built immediately.

Picks are great for the future, but Masai Ujiri also has a boss. That boss, probably wants to see profit and profit means the Toronto Raptors have to put on a product that sells. Is this fair to any party involved? No, but that’s business and we’ll all forget about it when the Raptors are .500 again.