NFL Week 4 Picks | NFL Week 4 Locks of the Week | NFL Week 4 Preview | Homestand Show

September 29, 2023

The NFL action is heating up, and we've got some exciting picks for you this weekend. Join The Homestand Sports Podcast crew as we break down the upcoming games and share our locks of the weekend. Albert Vartanian, Shawn McCormick and Justin Pooni weigh in on their top picks, and it's all about unbiased analysis here. Let's dive into the action-packed matchups.

Shawn McCormick is starting us off with his pick of the weekend. He's putting his money on the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are favored by a hefty 9.5 points, but Shawn believes they'll secure a solid win. He points out the Jets' struggles on offense, particularly with Zach Wilson at quarterback. The Chiefs' defense has improved, and with their offense getting healthier, Shawn is confident they'll come out on top.

Justin Pooni is next with his lock of the week: the New Orleans Saints. Despite facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Justin sees value in the Saints at -3.5. He's excited about Alvin Kamara's return, and he believes the Saints' defense is ready to take on the challenge. Baker Mayfield's Buccaneers may have had a good few weeks, but playing in the Superdome is a different beast. Justin expects a fierce defensive battle between the Saints and the Buccaneers, and he's hoping Jameis Winston can lead the Saints to victory.

Moving on to the Buffalo Bills, Albert Vartanian takes a shot at the -2.5 spread. He acknowledges that the Bills defense are on Justin's "fraud watch" list, but he's not buying into the skepticism. Albert emphasizes the strength of Buffalo's defense and Josh Allen's track record against the Miami Dolphins. It promises to be an intense game, and even though Albert jokingly calls Shawn's attendance at the game "the kiss of death," he's confident in his pick for the Bills to cover the spread.