New York Jets Week 2 Loss to Dallas Cowboys was NOT on Zach Wilson | What's Burning Barney

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September 18, 2023
September 18, 2023

When Aaron Rodgers went down, it was a blow, but one the Jets couldn't control. They had the number two overall pick, Zach Wilson behind Rodgers... so how would he fare? Everyone had their say – Twitter was buzzing, Colin Cowherd had his take. But we knew Wilson wasn't Rodgers or Tom Brady; that's not what the Jets expected. The disappointment didn't stem from his performance; it was the play-calling.

Nathaniel Hackett, it's time to talk. The play-calling in Denver last year was subpar, and now with Zach Wilson, it's like he's still scripting for Aaron Rodgers. Remember, he's Zach Wilson. We have an incredible running back, statistically one of the best in the NFL in Breece Hall. Give the ball to Breece Hall!

Dalvin Cook didn't perform well yesterday. But four carries for Breece Hall? That's unacceptable. The interceptions in the fourth quarter are up for debate, but let's not blame Wilson entirely. The defense had its issues, but it's only been two games. It's time to coach Zach Wilson, not Aaron Rodgers. Run the ball at least 30 times, and the Jets should stand a chance against the winless Patriots in week 3.

The New York Jets have potential, but it's time to adapt the game plan to the talent on hand. Let's hope we won't have the same frustrations next Monday, but for now, the message is clear: be better, Nathaniel Hackett.