James Sharman's EURO predictions!

March 22, 2024

The discussion opens with James expressing his thoughts on England's chances in international football. He acknowledges England's potential, describing them as a deep squad with world-class players in most positions. However, he notes a concern about their defence, highlighting it as an area of focus.

James considers France as a strong contender, acknowledging their depth, experience, and the exceptional quality of players like Mbappe. He refrains from overly favouring England, recognizing that if England were to lose, it would likely be to a team of France's caliber.

Despite his admiration for England's team, James leans towards France as his pick for success. He mentions key players like Mbappe, Griezmann, and manager Didier Deschamps, emphasizing France's track record of success in international competitions.

Overall, James presents a balanced perspective, acknowledging both England's strengths and potential challenges while also recognizing France as a formidable opponent with a history of winning. This analysis provides valuable insights into the dynamics of international football competitions.