Hot take of 2024: Messi OR Ronaldo will win the Ballon d’Or!

January 2, 2024

The recent victory of Argentina in the World Cup has reignited the discussion about Lionel Messi's chances of claiming the prestigious Ballon d'Or. In this blog post, we will analyze Messi's potential path to the award, taking into account his performances in the MLS, as well as Cristiano Ronaldo's endeavours in the Saudi League.

Argentina's triumph in the World Cup placed Messi in a favourable position, making him a front-runner for the Ballon d'Or. His exceptional performance in the MLS, where he has been a key player for his team, positions him as a strong contender for the prestigious individual award.

The addition of Suarez to Messi's team adds another layer of complexity to the equation. While the combination of Messi and Suarez is formidable, questions arise about whether their partnership will be taken into account when assessing Messi's individual achievements in the MLS.

Comparing Messi's potential achievements in the MLS, such as winning the leagues cup and MLS Cup, to Ronaldo's endeavours in the Saudi League, the blog explores the weight given to each league. The recognition of the Saudi League as a FIFA professional league is considered, emphasizing the importance of success in both domestic and international competitions.

The post delves into Ronaldo's chances in the EURO with Portugal, highlighting the need for Portugal to secure victory and for Ronaldo to emerge as the top scorer. Additionally, Ronaldo's achievements in the Saudi League, including winning a cup and progressing in the Champions League, contribute to his Ballon d'Or prospects.

The final section of the blog ponders the hypothetical scenario of both Messi and Ronaldo being nominated for the Ballon d'Or. The discussion includes the potential reactions of other players like Haaland and Bellingham, acknowledging the intense competition and the impact of club performances on the final decision.

In conclusion, the blog emphasizes that Messi holds more weight in the MLS compared to Ronaldo in the Saudi League. The post speculates on the possibility of either Messi or Ronaldo being nominated for the Ballon d'Or, emphasizing the uncertainty of the outcome and the influence of club performances on individual awards.

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