Everton drop 10 points BUT they can beat United

November 24, 2023

As the Premier League returns after the international break, football enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating a weekend filled with intriguing matchups. In this week's 442 Picks analysis, we delve into some of the key fixtures, with a focus on Manchester United versus Everton and the highly anticipated clash between Manchester City and Liverpool.

The spotlight first turns to Manchester United and Everton, a fixture laden with storylines. With the unpredictability of the season in mind, the presenter cautiously predicts a draw. Having learned from past mistakes, they express hesitancy in backing Man United again, while acknowledging Everton's strong motivation. The belief is that Everton, driven by their determination, could secure at least a share of the points in what promises to be an exciting encounter.

Moving on to the blockbuster clash between Manchester City and Liverpool, the presenter raises concerns about Liverpool's slow starts in recent matches played during this time slot. Despite the offensive prowess of both teams, the prediction leans towards Manchester City if Liverpool fails to shake off their first-half goal drought. The anticipation is high for a match that could rival the intensity of the memorable Manchester City versus Chelsea showdown before the international break.

Another fixture to keep a close eye on is Newcastle versus Chelsea. Newcastle, currently facing a decline due to a slew of injuries, is up against a resurgent Chelsea side that showcased remarkable strength in their recent encounter with Manchester City. The presenter foresees an engaging battle, with the potential for a high-scoring affair, highlighting the emergence of Cole Palmer as a standout player.

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