Does Manchester United stand a chance in the Manchester Derby?

October 26, 2023
October 26, 2023

While this weekend in the Premier League might not have been considered vintage with not too many fantastic matches, one fixture stands out as the marquee tilt - the Manchester Derby. It has always been a game to watch, though it may not carry the same weight as in the past. So, what should we expect from this clash?

Some of the other games this weekend are less than thrilling, to say the least. However, this Manchester Derby promises to be an interesting one. Manchester United are on a three-game winning streak in all competitions, victories that some might argue they didn't fully deserve.

City, on the other hand, seems to be bouncing back. They secured a win in the Champions League after two losses in the Premier League before the international break. City are looking sharp and could expose Manchester United's current weaknesses.

United's recent performances haven't been up to their usual standards. In the Champions League, they were saved by Onana and Harry Maguire, who have been under the microscope this season. City, despite resting key players in the Champions League, managed a 3-1 win, showing they mean business.

The City squad hasn't been in top gear for a while either, but with Erling Haaland scoring goals once again, they're in a good position.

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