Does Erling Haaland lack football IQ?

April 15, 2024

When it comes to the big game, expectations run high for Erling Haaland to deliver top-notch performances. However, sometimes even the best players can falter, raising questions about their decision-making on the field.

In the recent match against Real Madrid, Haaland's performance came under scrutiny. While acknowledging his impressive goal tally of 30 for the season, critics pointed out that it's not just about scoring goals. It's also about how a player contributes to the overall flow of the game.

Haaland has undeniably created space for teammates, enabling goal-scoring opportunities even when he doesn't find the net himself. This aspect of his game is crucial and shouldn't be overlooked.

Some argue that he serves as a decoy for other talented players on his team, drawing attention away from them and allowing them to shine. This strategic role shouldn't be underestimated, as it adds depth to the team's attacking prowess.

However, there are moments when his decision-making has been called into question. Instances where a better choice could have led to a scoring chance were highlighted. For example, opting to cross instead of taking a shot when a scoring opportunity presented itself raised eyebrows among observers.

Critics emphasize that while he possesses physical attributes and a powerful shot, his football IQ and decision-making in key moments need improvement. This distinction sets him apart from players known for their exceptional on-field intelligence and decision-making abilities.

Comparisons are drawn to other players who exhibit a higher level of footballing intelligence and creativity, showcasing how crucial these traits are at the highest levels of the game. Players like Phil Foden, known for their smart play and strategic decision-making, serve as benchmarks for excellence in this aspect.

In conclusion, while Erling Haaland brings valuable contributions to the team, there's room for growth in terms of decision-making and football IQ. These aspects are fundamental in elevating a player's performance and impact on the game.