Did The Washington Capitals Overpay For Tom Wilson? | The Homestand Show

August 4, 2023

In the world of hockey, there's always excitement and speculation about player transfers, and for Toronto-born Tom Wilson fans, the hope of him returning to the Leafs was strong. However, those hopes were dashed as Wilson signed a brand new seven-year, $45.5 million contract with the Washington Capitals. That translates to an annual average value of $6.5 million for all the math wizards out there.

Wilson's impact on the Capitals was undeniable, especially during their triumphant Stanley Cup win in 2018. Despite an ACL injury in the 2022 playoffs, he made a strong comeback last year, playing 33 games and scoring 13 goals. Many believe that he has the potential to become the next captain of the Washington Capitals once the great Alex Ovechkin retires.

The seven-year deal may have surprised some, considering Wilson's recent ACL injury, but it offers him the security he needs. As a player known for his hard-hitting style and goal-scoring abilities, he has earned immense popularity among the home fan base. Wilson's presence on the ice reminds many of legendary players like Wendel Clark, who are a rare breed in today's game.

Some may argue that Wilson could have waited for a bigger payday, but the Capitals clearly valued his contribution and decided to secure him for the long term. However, the team is currently facing challenges as they missed the playoffs for the first time in about eight years, and their bottom six needs improvement to complement their strong top six.

Despite the rebuild talk, the Capitals' primary focus seems to be supporting Ovechkin in his quest to break Wayne Gretzky's all-time goal-scoring record. The team already has a Stanley Cup win under their belt and now strives to achieve this remarkable feat with Ovechkin leading the charge.

While Wilson's style of play has earned him a reputation for being a tough, sometimes controversial player, he remains a beloved figure among the team and the community. The seven-year deal takes him into his mid-30s, which might raise concerns about his performance in the latter years of the contract, similar to players like Lucic, who didn't age well due to their physical style of play.

It's a common trend in the NHL to sign players to longer-term deals with lower annual average values due to salary cap constraints. This strategy allows teams to navigate current financial limitations but can become a burden as players age. The Capitals' deal with Wilson is no exception, and only time will tell how it ages.

In conclusion, Tom Wilson's seven-year deal with the Washington Capitals has left many fans excited about his future contributions on the ice. While some may have hoped for his return to the Leafs, his loyalty to the Capitals and their belief in him led to this significant contract. The team's focus on supporting Ovechkin in breaking records is evident, and as Wilson continues to play with passion and power, his presence will be a crucial factor in the Capitals' journey.