Busy Premier League Christmas awaits

October 26, 2023
October 26, 2023

The Premier League has unveiled its festive schedule, and fans are in for a treat. It's important to note that while most leagues around the world take a break over the Christmas period, English football does the opposite, cranking up the action in a big way. This, of course, often leads to managers voicing concerns about the intensity of the schedule and its impact on players. But for fans, it's nothing short of amazing.

Starting on December 21st, the Premier League has scheduled matches for 11 out of 13 days. The only days without matches are Christmas Day and December 29th, allowing players and fans to enjoy the holiday festivities.

One noteworthy change this year is the return of a Christmas Eve match for the first time in twenty eight years. On this special day, Wolves will go head-to-head with Chelsea, providing a unique gift for football enthusiasts.

Boxing Day, a cherished tradition in English football, will feature a spectacular lineup of five matches spread over a thrilling ten hours of action. It's truly a football bonanza, offering fans an abundance of exciting matches to enjoy.

Arguably, the two marquee matches during this festive period will showcase Liverpool. They will kick things off on the 23rd with a clash against Arsenal, and then, on New Year's Day, they will take on Newcastle, both matches to be held at Anfield.

Following the New Year celebrations, the Premier League will take a brief hiatus after January 2nd. However, fear not, as there will be a traditional round of FA Cup matches to satisfy your footballing cravings, ensuring that the excitement continues even beyond the New Year.

So, football fans, get ready for a thrilling holiday season filled with non-stop Premier League action. The festive schedule promises to deliver memorable moments, intense matches, and the joy of football throughout the holiday period.