After over four decades, the Las Vegas grand Prix is back!

November 16, 2023
November 16, 2023

Get ready for a weekend of glitz and glamour as Formula 1 makes a triumphant return to Sin City after nearly four decades with the highly anticipated Las Vegas Grand Prix. The brand-new circuit promises to showcase the best of Las Vegas, with a thrilling track winding through major hotels, casinos, and the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

In line with the nighttime extravagance seen in Bahrain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi, the Las Vegas Grand Prix will also be a night race. The 6.2-kilometer circuit boasts 16 corners, and rumor has it that the speeds on this track can rival those of Monza, famously known as F1's temple of speed.

Reflecting on the recent Brazilian Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen claimed victory, Lando Norris secured his 7th podium of the season, and Fernando Alonso made an impressive return to the podium since the Dutch Grand Prix, all eyes are on how Aston Martin will manage its pace in Vegas against formidable competitors like Red Bull, McLaren, and Mercedes.

As the anticipation builds, there's a notable concern heading into the weekend – a shift in temperatures. Las Vegas is expected to experience cooler temperatures, dropping down to single digits overnight. This change could potentially result in less grip for the tires. Given the high speeds expected on the Las Vegas Grand Prix track, this temperature shift raises the possibility of red flags during the race.

After a remarkable 41-year hiatus, the Las Vegas Grand Prix is making a comeback! Brace yourself for a star-studded crowd and a thrilling night race where everything is on the line as the F1 season gradually comes to a close. Stay tuned for the action-packed spectacle that awaits in the dazzling city of Las Vegas.