3 reasons to tune into the Toronto Raptors new NBA Season: Darko's Ball Movement

October 4, 2023

As basketball fans eagerly await the start of the NBA season, there's one aspect of the game that stands out for many Raptors enthusiasts: the promise of improved ball movement. For those who have followed the Toronto Raptors closely, the departure of former point guard Kyle Lowry leaves a void in terms of orchestrating plays and facilitating smooth ball movement.

Kyle Lowry, a beloved figure among Raptors fans, was known for his exceptional playmaking abilities. His knack for orchestrating the offense, reading the court, and finding the right pass was a hallmark of his tenure with the team. The absence of a player like Lowry, who could take charge of the offence without the need for scripted plays, has been keenly felt.

In the previous season, one notable aspect was the prevalence of isolation plays, where players held onto the ball longer than necessary, often resulting in stagnant offensive sequences. While there was undeniable individual talent, the team struggled to find synergy in its ball movement. The need for a player who could instigate fluid ball circulation became apparent.

To address this issue, the Raptors have taken a significant step by bringing in a coach renowned for his offensive acumen. The new coaching staff aims to implement plays and strategies that promote cohesive ball movement. Even if the roster may not boast a player with Lowry's court vision, the coaching staff's expertise can guide the team towards a more collaborative style of play.

The concept of ball movement extends beyond basketball. In various team sports, cohesiveness and effective passing play a pivotal role in securing victories. Standing still and holding onto the ball can lead to defensive pressure, making it challenging to find scoring opportunities. By encouraging players to be in constant motion and locate open teammates, the Raptors hope to create better scoring chances.

One of the exciting prospects for the Raptors faithful is the possibility of adopting a more European and Barcelona-inspired style of basketball. European basketball has long been associated with precise ball movement, off-ball movement, and team-oriented play. If the Raptors can infuse some of these principles into their style of play, it could lead to an exciting and dynamic brand of basketball.