About Homestand Sports

Homestand Sports is a rapidly growing broadcaster and content studio. We launched the company in 2021 on a mission to transform the sports media landscape. Our focus on producing premium content with fresh faces and talent is what has set Homestand Sports apart.

We have proven that the content we produce will find the right audience at the right time, which is how the Homestand Sports brand and our partners' brands break through.

We partner with major and emerging brands to both create and distribute content. The content is produced with the target audience in mind, which our partners reach through the Homestand Sports and our partner's owned and operated platforms as well as through our third party distribution.

Our value to partners is in our nimbleness, coupled with our speed and uncompromising focus on quality. Our partners trust us with their brand, giving us the keys once their unique editorial playbook is collaboratively establahsed.

Our Gaming News Canada brand is the definitive source for the latest news and trending storylines around the gaming industry in Canada. We cover the market like no other media outlet in Canada, which is why you commonly see the name of our editor-in-chief, Steve McAllister, appearing in content on the major business news outlets. Subscribe to our newsletter.

For inquiries about working together through sponsorships or services, get in touch with Mark Silver our CEO.
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